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An Unexpected Party

I recently celebrated my 34th birthday and if you know me, then you know that it had to be celebrated Hobbit style. My friends all know of my deep love for the works of Professor Tolkien. I do live in a fantasy world…

Have a little look into my book shelf:



This is definitely not all of it, but it gives you a bit of insight.

But back to the party: we prepared for many months, visiting thrift stores and expanding our hobbit worthy dishes collection. We now have enough dishes to host 24 people.

Of course it is not just about the food, but we wanted to also transform the house into a cozy little hole in the ground. We are already quite-hobbitish  and did not have to change too much.

I ordered a gigantic map of the Shire from It measures 56×40″. We have decided to just leave it up. Who wouldn’t ?


We changed up some more art on the wall. Took down the huge canvas of the kids and replaced it with these beautiful frames. I’m afraid that I have yet to take this down as well… sorry kids!

I painted the Green Dragon sign myself. The Middle Earth print is actually a piece of fabric, left over from a little sewing project. The other prints are google image search finds, which redirected me to some great artists, who graciously offered large resolution downloads of their work.
We also added a lot of doilies on all couches and hung dried herbs from the wall.


Originally I wanted to make personalized gifts for all of my guests (in true Hobbit fashion), but I ran out of time and funds, so we came up with this cute idea. We made little boxes of shire salt for each of our guests. Each box is different and they turned out so cute:



The table was great fun to put together. I bought fabric napkins at the thrift store in different shades of green. No problem at all, with Christmas right around the corner. There was a very large selection of red and green napkins!
Now I wanted napkin rings to go with the napkins and started out by buying unfinished wooden napkin rings at JoAnn’s. I quickly went over my budget and decided that I needed to come up with something else. I had already bought 8 wooden napkin rings, which I spray painted golden and used a sharpie to add the inscription of the One Ring.

I found some instructions on Pinterest on how to make napkin rings out of toilet paper rolls, but the thought did not sit right with me (toilet paper roll on my napkin, eww). So I went and bought a 1.5″ PVC pipe for $4 and cut 1″ slices on my table saw. I still have enough pvc pipe left over to make napkin rings for all the seasons! I spray painted them with green paint and hot glued Lothlorien felt leaves onto the rings. I cut the leaves out of felt and used my sewing machine to add the leaf veins.


And now let’s talk about the food! This was a great challenge for us, since we eat a plant powered diet. We all know that Hobbits love their sausages and cheese, but definitely did not want to use any animal products.
We ended up making our own nut cheeses, which took several weeks to prepare and cure. We made “sausages” out of black beans and they were mighty tasty!

We made a lot of pies, seed cakes, stews and added lots of fresh veggies and fruits all over the table. This feast was definitely our master piece! There was so much food, we could have easily entertained another 20 guests.

We used several different cook books (not being aware of the fact that there is an unofficial hobbit cook book out there).
Here are some of our favourites (we veganized every recipe!):

The Unofficial Harry Potter Cook Book

A Feast of Ice and Fire: Unofficial Game of Thrones Cook Book

Artisan Vegan Cheese


And of course we can’t forget about the ale!


We also had a cute little Smaug attending the party. He was sitting on his treasure of chocolate coins. I crocheted Smaug with the help of a pattern from this source:—smaug-from-the-hobbit


Here is a pretty picture of the table, taken by my good friend Rick Escalante. He is a wonderful photographer and you should check him out!


And this would be me, with my most favourite new skirt, handmade from fabric
Those crazy slippers were a gift from my best friend! I have not taken them off since the party. Don’t judge!


I wish I had a little bit better picture of this, but I think I just have to describe what is going on. We made a little Shelob’s lair in front of the bathroom door. If you needed to use the facilities, you had to fight your way through the spider webs. There is even a gigantic spider sitting in the corner (leftover Halloween decoration) and her dinner is hanging from the ceiling (stuffed animals, wrapped up in fake spider web)


And now I leave you with some pictures of my beautiful, nerdy friends. Of course everyone mostly everyone dressed up and we had the best of times!


January 3, 2015 - 11:42 am

Betty Bumps - Oh my gosh, I LOVE IT!! You are so creative!

January 3, 2015 - 11:48 am

Brittney Lee Holdman - Great job Stefanie! You did a great job writing this and the pics are great. I love how you collected dishes for months! Prepare!

January 5, 2015 - 8:55 am

Madeleine - This is FANTASTIC!