Hi, I'm Nervarien Streamer.

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About me and games

About me and games

A life motto that does not exist

If there is a lot of interest

You have more people willing to help you than you need at the moment, so you can choose which people you want to recruit and even negotiate your terms more strongly. I had to choose. My business is computer games. I make money on Twitch. I make money commenting on LOL and CS:GO matches. I tried my hand at DOTA. But it’s too much. Sports has become my investment. A chance to grow. And thanks to that I gained sponsors for further work. One of them is a career in esporttalk.org Remember, however, that the funds also often work in cycles, and if you stretch everything for too long, it can turn out to be fatal.


I contact them, I have presentations ready and I collect feedback from everyone. Do the same and you will quickly see which questions are repeated and in this way you will be better prepared for the next meeting with the next investor. When the investors start to be interested, their analysts will already ask for the documents and materials they need for their own analysis and final decision. The appropriate game and the selection of the eport organization defines the boundary conditions of the investment. It consists of the amount of the investment, who invests and for how many shares, and even information about the personal rights of the investor, the player, the coach and the founder’s restrictions.

esports forever

Remember : It is usually about the investor who is interested in investing his money. However, do not treat this as a letter of intent, but rather as a draft of your future contract on the esport stage.

I don’t think there’s any greater insult to the game than to say it’s boring. Is the League of Legends boring? That’s why so many people play it all the time. Why do people create new analyses, make matches and bets? Why do they live the lives of the players and I comment more than once on the top football matches in the champions’ league. Where did this come from? Is Counter Strike boring?

But does everyone only play popular games for the masses? We can forgive many of our favorite titles - from a mass of mistakes, through absurd storylines, to archaic graphics. It’s a “magic thing”.

Do you have a game like this?

But boredom is the biggest enemy of each of us, because in the end we sit in front of the computer or console to have a nice time. Playing used to be no Esperanto. Or maybe the opposite? Maybe sitting in a café with friends was an esport of the highest real level ???

We are looking for many things in games - challenges, immersion, a fascinating story - but not boredom. So how it happened that more and more often triumphs celebrate positions for many boring.

And I will ask again. Is LOL not boring? How many of you play this game even though it is boring? just please, honestly. I’m not even asking about CS 1.6…

Games you have to invest in first so you can have fun with it? In which you have to work for pleasure?

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