Never give up

If you find it difficult to find a well-fitting program for your training, contact any trainer, ask them for a suggestion as to where to go with your idea. 4. do not stretch it out over time. Preparing to play on a professional stage is intense work. You get feedback and you can draw conclusions from every meeting, complete and improve your play at every international and, at the beginning, local event.

Play in moderation. Less is better

The more investors and the larger amounts invested, the greater their appetite for you to play and play. All life playing - pressure and pressure. If you started your own company because you want to realize yourself in something you like, you want to realize your vision, and you don’t want to work in some corporation and report something to your boss all the time, then remember that investors are your partners, who over time may have more control over your company than you do. Remember that you have to inform them regularly about the results, you have to be active in the media. You need to be better as a human being and they can appoint a board of directors or supervisory board without your permission to do what they want you to do. Think for yourself!

Whatever happens

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out, or if you already have a working service - so playing, stretching is now also a service. It’s always worth to show it as a prototype, page or application. Even if a given form of making money is not yet promoted (because you are just going to the investor for money to be able to do it), make its sketchs/screens and show it as if you are already testing its working version. 3. find potential investors.

Act, add something new all the time

And there will be someone to push you forward! Every computer and technlogic company is able to risk and give part of its service in exchange for shares. This model happens with private commercial incubators, but with us it has worked well for our idea of gambling combined with competition in the esport tournaments. Ideas and ideas are constantly changing, but as long as I can remember, there have always been public funds to support ideas that go with the times. Money for either research or a project, usually in the form of non-refundable grants. But how do you get money to develop an idea?

Grow as a man

Never, but never give another reason Michał Carmac Blicharz

And below I would like to share with you a few issues that are worth remembering while looking for support in the development of your skill with the help of trainers and my experience in investing in companies. What to say here. Money is very important. Types of investors and potential sources 1. Investment/venture capital funds It is a form of mutual investment of individuals and/or companies by collective investment in a fund. They have different sizes (depending on how much funding can be obtained from them), different investment strategies, investment horizon (I will talk about it later) and enter with investments in companies at different stages of development.

The advantages of being a player

  • You get up whenever you want
  • You play all you want
  • You do what you love
  • Continuous growth

Don’t forget

  1. About the Family
  2. About food
  3. About physical work
  4. About relations

Can you live on the level by playing games ?

absolutely yes

__Can you have a future by playing games __


Is it worth spending so much time playing?

Not necessarily. You need to know what’s next. What you’ll do tomorrow. Where it’s gonna take you in 1 year and what’s next. Just playing is pointless just for fun.

You must have a good plan.

How did I start?

I was a moderator on the Counter-Strike and

Later, I gained pooularity on the Twich Channel, having almost half a million followers, I moved to Mixer

Currently, I’m sponsoring a number of projects, events and forums locally in Germany, in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and building a community on th esports betting forum

As a fan of escort and competition at the highest level, I’ve been organizing some great events such as CS:GO Major Championships in 2016 or recently Intel Extreme Masters Season XIV in Chicago.

What are my favorite games?

Actually, I’ve always loved to play Heroes 3 but times have changed and the hot buttocks are no longer so popular. But I still think it’s the best game of all time.

What next ? Game 3 was really cult. Although now 5 also pretend to be a cult. Of course we don’t forget SAN ANDREAS. Total magic. This climate - forever remembered.

Of course I don’t mention here the key games in my life and it wasn’t just Counter-Strike 1.6 or GO and League of legends. I met a lot of players and coaches in the second popular mob game - DOTA 2. I advised, among others, the leading Filipino eSports organization that was founded in 2007 - Mineski esports.

What is my weekly action plan?

  • Game
  • Studies
  • Game
  • Streaming

and again. same circle.

From morning to evening. I run a lot. I’ve been doing a lot of fencing too.

How do I find time for all this? Really. I don’t know.