We assess the evaluation criteria from the players’ resumes in terms of importance, giving them prestige. We also give weight to the answers to recruitment questions proposed in the previous part of our entry about the academy of young players cs:go . If the most important thing for us when recruiting for a given position is experience, it should receive the highest rank in a given sport. If we consider that soft values are more important than the game itself and the skyline, then this multiplier should be adjusted accordingly.

Based on our experience with players with whom we have worked, we strongly recommend concentrating and prioritizing the experience and behavioral part of the commentators, casters and twitch-maniacs.

Many times we have seen how much more important in practice are practical knowledge in the field of work and attitude and approach to the work itself as a streamer, together with the previously mentioned characteristics, which are crucial for remote workers.

To systematize the assessment, a table with assessment criteria can be created for each question. This will facilitate the allocation of points and bring the candidates closer to an objective comparison. It also makes it easier to share the assessment of submitted applications with other professional players not only from the Counter Strike scene.