If you run a company in Berlin, you no longer have to limit yourself to the candidate market in Germany after you have decided to introduce remote working!

You can potentially employ someone from London, Melbeourne or Tokyo. And if your team speaks foreign languages, maybe you should consider working with someone from extra ? Of course, with traditional recruitment we don’t have any of these options.

In the case of traditional recruitment, it may happen that despite several interviews we do not fully “feel” the candidate. You can’t just play on the computer all your life and get fascinated by Esports. You count a lot of askpests. And it will only turn out to be a missed one in practice. a choice for the job. In the case of remote work, this risk even increases, as often we can only have a job interview via videoconference.

The risk is higher because our candidate should have a number of qualities which, however, are difficult for a recruiter to test and the ichevental lack can only come to light in practice