Everyone is an expert. Everyone is an expert and everyone knows better who will win. But not everyone really knows each other. And hardly anyone wins. Good information? Who has it ? And the good employees ? Does anybody have it ?

A lot depends on the game itself. Skills, education. This is also important. But first your passion. And your favorite game. Dota, League of Legends, Fortnite, Counter Strike, and many other titles.

Who among us is not looking for the favorite teams of players for esport predictions matches. It’s so easy to pick a winner. We always say “I told you so” after the fact? “. Analysis of matches, especially in computer games. It’s easy.

But what really matters is good information. Valuable news and key data. The analyses have to be concrete - not necessarily long.

In the case of traditional recruitment, it may happen that despite a few interviews, we don’t quite “sense” the candidate, and he will turn out to be an unfortunate choice for a given position. In the case of remote work, this risk even increases, as often we can only have an interview via video conference. Of course we do not judge your game, but rather your knowledge of the game. We check how you behave. How you react to situations. How charismatic you are. It’s all important

In addition, the risk is higher because our candidate should have a number of qualities which, however, are difficult for a recruiter to test and their possible lack can only come to light in practice. The features of an ideal remote employee on the example of a bookmaker analyst for esporttalk.org. If you want to analyze matches in Counter Strike you have to play this game beforehand. It is good if you know betting. You belong to some typer game and you have good and up-to-date information. You can’t understand it just by watching it. It is the same with every other game. I don’t believe that you can get to know something well without trying it.

Depending on the position we are looking for, different kinds of competences, skills and experience are important for us. For example, if we are looking for a specialist and commentator, diction and how you present yourself are important.__ We are probably interested in creativity, knowledge of social media and the sport industry and the ESL and IEM scene.__ A great advantage is the experience on a similar position. It’s similar when looking for someone to work remotely: we’ll also be looking for someone with exactly the same profile, but it’s also worth extending this set.

Not every person will find themselves in a remote working environment. Fortunately, there is a certain set of features that increase the candidate’s chances of success in the model of working outside the office. Research shows that the key competences for remote workers are

  • Proactivity
  • Independence
  • Excellent communication skills
  • The ability to manage time effectively
  • Very good work organisation skills
  • Discipline.

Stramer people who actually can boast of the above attributes are relatively good at commenting on an Esport tournament. Proactivity: so that the player doesn’t wait for someone to solve the problem for him, but rather to get on with solving it himself. Independence: we want the bettor not to have to be constantly “guided by a hand” by the manager, but to be able to organize his own work, to find tasks on his own initiative.

Communicativeness, because the nature of remote work in practice means that communication with the manager, the rest of the team or the client is more challenging than in traditional conditions, so it is worth it to be the strength of the studio. Effective time management, on the other hand, is important because in a virtual environment an employee often has to organize and plan his or her own work instead of waiting for someone to do it for him or her.

Discipline is very important at every global event and tournament. This is crucial because the player, commentator or analyst should be able to enforce his or her own wounded standing up (even though it is not necessary to go to the office regularly from Monday to Friday), concentration, breaks at the right moments, but also separation of private life.