When using the above proposed evaluation sheet, it is worthwhile to arrange the first interviews with the people who receive the highest number of points, e.g. the 10 best people. During the interview, apart from a possible check of qualifications for a given position, you can once again ask a few questions which will allow you to check the main competences relevant for remote work. Behavioural interview in this case may be even more important than the written one, because during the interview the candidate will have less time for reflection and thus his or her answers may be more authentic.

It is worthwhile to prepare a spreadsheet to assess the answers to these types of questions, for example:

Example question for a candidate working for a company and sports organisation

Because of unforeseen problems, you realize that you don’t you will be able to meet the previously declared participation and assistance dates for the IEM 2020 event

You’re gonna do a Cp in this situation?