As I am also an investor and not just an ordinary lazy player, I have prepared the last appropriate facilities and plans before investing in a new sports hall. We are planning so many sports events for young people but also for seniors - ]

eSports for older people will also be on time!

But all these are distant plans. So far you have to have:

  • Aptitude - Management skills
  • Time
  • Finances

Lest start

  • What will the location be? Mystery Shopping
  • Distance from the place of residence
  • Voivodship, county or adjacent towns and cities
  • Access to public transport, good connection to the centre
  • Educational facilities - school, kindergarten, crèche
  • Wide range of additional activities for children
  • Health clinic
  • Green areas, recreational areas
  • Investment zones

Market analysis

  • demand for new housing
  • Competition
  • housing prices
  • the ratio of the plot of land to the apartment price
  • housing capacity
  • technical infrastructure of the plot
  • surrounding infrastructure

Selection of the relevant plot of land

  • Local Land Use Plan (LDP)
  • Decision on Building Conditions (WZ)
  • Ownership, perpetual usufruct
  • Access to the public road
  • Media
  • Plot
  • Construction
  • Agriculture
  • MPZP
  • WZ
  • Ownership
  • Perpetual usufruct

Selection of the relevant plot of land

  • MPZP
  • Local infrastructure - communication, schools, kindergartens, workplaces, areas
  • green, extra-curricular activities
  • Access to the paved road Shape of the plot

Appropriate neighborhood

  1. direct
  2. within 1 km and beyond 3 Planned investments

More about the Conditions of Construction. Project details, not what we will play and improve on

  • Type of building - leading, complementary
  • Parameters - number of storeys, building height (attention underground storeys)
  • Building intensity
  • Installation surface Biological active surface

Build-in lines - valid, not possible (it happens that there are no lines in the plan,

theoretically you can build in the borderline with the road, but you need to check the required distance from Roads - Article 43) Roof pitch/flat roof angles Type and colour of materials used There are situations where only a part of the plot is covered by the LSDP Planned road infrastructure running in part of the plot Installation restrictions - e.g. at certain distances from the network