It is difficult to create a company that will survive several years on the market.

It is even more difficult to create a company that has high prices and successfully maintains itself thanks to its regular customers.

And creating such a company in a foreign country is a real feat! I have just published the first blog post in 2020. I’ve posted a new template for the 2020 home budget and more. :)

In fact, I should make this template available in December (so that you can create a budget for January in advance). But I thought that those who are already budgeting will manage somehow. This year, I want to make sure that the new template is well suited to the New Year’s resolutions of those who just want to start running a budget and are just starting to have excuses that maybe it’s not such a good idea. And now I’m going in - all in white ;-), I’m giving a ready-made budget template and putting down the argument “I don’t know how to do it”.