Do you think that computer games are a big and serious business? How is that different from cinema, music?


CS:GO Pro players make as much money as footballers? No. Will they?

Rhetorical question ??

Is sport a sport or not ? But what is the difference ??

Esport is sport and that’s it. Why argue ?

Although the investors will suffer a loss for your company, in view of their entire investment portfolio, such a decision may be right. From their point of view, it is about recovering at least part of the amount and minimizing losses.

That’s why you have to treat investors as another department in the company, as well as IT, marketing and so on.

The difference is that in all these departments you make the decision, except for this one. In the “investment”, they may have power over you. The investor can be the catalyst that will enable you to realize your idea and develop your company. He may have contacts that will help you even more than the money invested in your company.

But an investor can also become a greater threat to what you do than your competitors.

We will come back to this topic, because in the next post I will show you an example of the role of the investor and how much influence he can have on you, your team and the whole company.